Fixed Cost Conveyancing

If you are purchasing (or selling) a house, land, investment property or apartment – we can offer you fixed price conveyancing on residential real estate for our legal fees.

Fixed professional legal fees associated with an straight-forward^ matter.

Disbursements are out-of-pocket costs and may include items such as searches and settlement agency fees.

Our professional legal fees are fixed on the basis of the following assumptions:

For a purchase the fee is $695.00:

  • The Contract of Sale remains unchanged between the day of sale and the day of settlement;
  • Any loan condition or other conditions in the Contract of Sale are satisfied by the due date specified in relation to the condition(s); and
  • The Contract of Sale is observed by all parties (i.e. there is no breach of the contract by either party).
  • Do not include our correspondence with a third party such as a Broker
  • Do not include dealing with extensions to finance or payment of deposit request
  • Do not include pre-contract negotiation prior to cooling off period
  • There is no dispute between the parties, the bank, or any other third party;
  • Is not a terms contract
  • Does not involve a Section 27 release;

For a sale, including the above, the fee is $795.00:

  • Does not include preparing the Application for Sub-division;
  • Does not include preparing special conditions;
  • Does not including negotiation sale terms;
  • Does not include Section 27 release;
  • Does not include the preparation of the Section 32 Vendor Statement for the Sale of Real Estate
  • Does not include commercial property

Our fixed-fee conveyancing on a standard residential house, unit or land in Victoria includes the following:

  1. All conveyancing work and legal advice forming part of the conveyancing work;
  2. All associated office costs (postage, faxes, phone calls, photocopying) with the conveyancing work.
  3. Arranging settlement with other parties to the conveyancing transaction.
  4. Attending and completing settlement (by agency or through PEXA).
  5. Preparation of Notices of Acquisition.

^A straight-forward matter These are costs generated by work that is beyond the conveyancing work as defined by the Conveyancers Act 2006 conveyancing work associated with a standard real estate conveyancing matter, and which are NOT included in the quoted fixed-fee. For example, the work associated with changes made to the contract between the day of sale and settlement, and work required in correcting mistakes made by other parties to the transaction may generate additional charges (See below).

Fees and charges for industrial or commercial zoned real estate over $1million are charged on standard hourly commercial rates.  We do not provide a paper title on settlement unless instructed. If you wish to make an application for a paper Certificate of Title, this will attract a fee.

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Additional Charges on top of straight forward conveyance
Amounts Include GST
Conveyance of residential property where price exceeds $1 million
Conveyance of commercial priced under $1million
Off the plan sales and purchases Stat Dec
Section 27 deposit release
Drafting a licence agreement for early possession
Purchasers caveat lodgement
State Revenue Office stamp duty refund applications
State Revenue Office stamping and lodging Land Victoria transfer
(stamping and transfer after settlement)
General Advice and Review of Contract
Preparation of Contract of Sale and Section 32
Additional – Off the Plan Contract of Sale SC
Additional – Auction Special Conditions
Additional – Townhouse / Unit Development
May incur additional fees on hourly basis
Foreign Investment Review Board Application
Application to Titles Office (excluding disbursements)

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