About Us

General Practice

With experienced lawyers, Elamine Lawyers is able to advise in all areas of business and corporate law including the sale and purchase of businesses, and business entities, partnership and joint ventures, business succession, franchises, liquor licensing and intellectual property.

We also provide advice on the formation of companies and trusts as well as director, shareholder, partner and joint venture disputes.

We also advise in insolvency, winding-up and debt recovery practices.


At Elamine Lawyers, you will collaborate with down-to-earth, knowledgeable people who seek out the clients’ needs and pursue their justice.

Elamine Lawyers provides representation in criminal, traffic and other legal matters that require advocacy in the Courts. We have appeared and we have instructed in all the courts throughout Victoria. We will provide you with expert advice, thorough and meticulous preparation of your case, and court representation from leading barristers.

A networked enterprise delivering professional advice from leaders in law, investment and communications.


Our commitment to our clients’ interests is paramount.

Our team has acted for clients based in every State and Territory across Australia and many overseas clients including:

  • United Arab Emirates;
  • Egypt;
  • Bahrain;
  • Saudi Arabia;
  • Pakistan;
  • Lebanon;
  • United Kingdom;
  • United States of America;
  • Republic of China.

Our solicitors have appeared across many jurisdictions including all State Courts, Federal Court and the Family Court.

We have acted and advised in many areas of laws:

  • Acquisitions and Sales in Real Estate and Business;
  • Building and Construction Law;
  • Commercial (including Intellectual Property) and Corporations;
  • Defamation Law;
  • Employment and Industrial Laws;
  • Estate Laws (Wills & Probate) and Succession Planning;
  • Family Law;
  • Guardianship and Administration Laws;
  • Incorporated Associations (formation, management and disputes);
  • Property Law

Our lawyers will provide you with one to one, tailored advice in wide spectrum of areas. Our philosophy is simply to assist our clients facing a legal challenges whether in their personal lives or commercial enterprise and provide practical and effective legal guidance.

  • We can provide you clarity into your legal matter so that you can make an informed decision and put the power back in your hands;
  • We can create and recommend strategies tailored to your situation;
  • Commit to you so that you find resolution and closure.
  • You cannot afford to waste your time on incompetency; and
  • You cannot afford to waste your money on inexperience;

Our Team